Theory of municipal Party committee studies central group (expand) hold learned the 5th times centrally 2020

Begin patriotic and wholesome motion to advance health construction of individual plant continent

Mao Tengfei is chaired and make this world of study brief summary defend a country to attend

Chen Zhengming of reporter of daily of individual plant continent

On July 31, theory of municipal Party committee studies central group (expand) hold learned the 5th times centrally 2020, of strategy of the important directive spirit that learns Xi Jinping’s secretary-general to move about beginning patriotic sanitation deep, healthy China important discuss, invite an expert to make chair of knowledge of special subject health care. Mao Tengfei of director of standing committee of National People’s Congress of secretary of municipal Party committee, city is chaired and make summary speak, yang Weiguo of vice secretary of municipal Party committee, mayor enters study.

City leadership Wang Hongbin, Yang Yufang, Deng Weimin, Nie Fanggong, Qin Mocheng, Yang Guiping, Zhou Jie, He Chaohui enter study.

Before the meeting, the important directive spirit that everybody taught oneself to review close smooth secretary-general moves about beginning patriotic sanitation, Xi Jinping’s secretary-general about healthy China strategy important discuss. In study, domestic famous heart and vessels is expert of intervening diagnosis and treatment, medium south internal medicine of heart and vessels of university Hunan elegant hospital teachs Li Chuanchang with ” hold to healthy lifestyle to prevent accuse cardiovascular disease risk ” make sanitarian knowledge chair for the problem.

“ body is revolutionary capital. ” Mao Tengfei says when brief summary, healthy it is to lead a cadre to walk on duty responsible premise and essential, should cogent strengthen individual health ego to manage, it is with this lecture germinant, advance health care to groom often change, guide broad cadre to enhance consciousness of ego health care, attend healthy check-up self-consciously, the lifestyle of nurturance health, with able-bodied physique, abundant energy is thrown in busy job and life.

Mao Tengfei emphasizes, want to launch patriotic and wholesome campaign deep, value the positive result that fight epidemic disease, “ epidemic disease exquisite individual is healthful when ” good convention maintains go down, the civilized new fashion such as the fair chopsticks fair spoon that removes fashionable of ” of “ epidemic disease holds on, consolidate whole society everybody is participated in, the favorable situation that the patriotic sanitation that everybody shares moves. Should advance health actively construction of individual plant continent, establish the concept of big sanitation, big health, deepen public hospital to be reformed integratedly continuously, accelerate perfect sanitation to serve systematic construction, accelerate development health industry, drive it is a center in order to treat a disease to transform for the center with people health, provide the sanitation of complete lifecycle and healthy service for people hard.