Shen Quanhua of reporter of daily of individual plant continent’s reporter / male of the Liu that become steel is colourful

On July 27, the reporter learns from bureau of city science and technology, hall of province science and technology already science and technology of “ of plan of research and development of emphasis of nation of make known to lower levels helps focal point of force economy 2020” special medium Hunan Province supports announcement of project project approving, the our city shares a list of names posted up on 5 projects, accumulative total acquires supportive amount 3 million yuan, project approving amount and supportive amount house are saved completely the 2nd.

This year in April, ministry of science and technology started national emphasis research and development to plan “ science and technology to help focal point of force economy 2020” special, the technology of industry of main to enclothing national economy business is achieved

New project, especially short-term internal energy sees actual effect, right answer of go back to work produces the technical positive result that direct belt moves action to change a project preferred give highest 1 million yuan of support, good with be being caught as a whole epidemic situation is prevented accuse to expand key job with economic society.

According to ranking deploy, bureau of city science and technology is started actively, active service. Via be being collected extensively, expert evaluation, argumentation, fair show wait for link, The research of composite material of “ high-powered polyamide of company of times project model and industrialization ” project, couplet sincere the technology of damp of “ cable vortex flow of vibrating absorber company is mixed in orbit car suspension building construction cost can be decreased brace up project of the research of the domain and applied ” ,Win project approving support.