Brave of Wei of Deng of Luo Xin of reporter of daily of individual plant continent

Since this year, the pressure of economic be issued to lower levels that pneumonic epidemic situation mixes the new coronal that faces arise suddenly to be increased continuously, standing committee of municipal Party committee insists to make the same score thought of socialism of characteristic of new era China in order to review to be nearly how-to, below the strong leadership of provincial Party committee, solidarity guides difficult act vigorously of unity is strength of whole town people, gram to enter, advance epidemic situation to prevent as a whole accuse to develop with economic society, at changing new bureau left in the bureau, handed over the report of hard-earned.

1, the strength that cites whole town hits good epidemic situation to prevent accuse battle

Whole town did not have occurrence epidemic situation since the last ten-day of a month in Feburary oneself, realized diagnose case of illness 0 death, medical personnel 0 inputs of the epidemic situation outside 0 infection, condition.

Epidemic situation of ○ seasonable keep within limits diffuses

start Ⅰ class to answer for a short while, creativity adopts “ to be felt 4 check ” to feel one person of platoon, “ one case ” flows it is tone, good to hit 5 areas of “ ” pocket battles wait for specific aim measure; The organization begins the front on “ mechanism cadre, join forces to hit win action of ” of epidemic prevention battle, select does a next heavy a gleam of many times 17 thousand, drive many 30 organization of more than 11 thousand party, volunteer and join forces of whole town people to fight epidemic disease.

○ holds to life consummate stress bring a patient out of danger

Counterpoise disease patient executes “ ” of case of one party of team of one person posse, one person, patient of sober mode off line mixes first ECMO of successful cure whole nation to save the age completely the biggest patient.

○ loves to not have greatly border Hubei of rush to the rescue

for a short while active appropriate found a place for 16 stay in the Wuhan of individual plant continent tourist, hubei of rush to the rescue of rescuing team of medical treatment of the first batch of select, take the lead in collecting plaque to Wuhan support machine, receive a Hubei Wuhan actively to answer personnel of individual plant go back to work

2, do not waver in the least seize a property

The Chongzhongzhi that expands industrial development as high quality is weighed and answer the strong grasper of epidemic situation, cereal of focusing China motivation breeds new kinetic energy energetically.

Project of ○ “ industry builds year of ” activity and depth of warm company operation to advance

Outstanding Shu is tired, decrease lose and endow with can active service to help a company, priority discipline is new first half of the year start working 207, complete 55, new label arranges project of 100 million yuan of above 103, all exceed the beginning of the year to plan; Project construction drives fixed assets investment to grow 6.9% , add fast house to be saved completely the 2nd.

Mechanism of job of ○ industry catenary is preliminary build

17 industries catenary built chain length to make, mechanism of job of ” of the force of hair of tripartite of “ of Party committee of industrial association, cartel, resonance that be the same as frequency.

Plan of investment of the priority discipline on industrial catenary is amounted to first half of the year 61.7% , drive industrial investment to grow 15.6% ; In material of small aviation engine, advanced ceramics, advanced horniness catchs provincial industry group construction is pilot.

Development of strategy of ○ innovation drive is carried out

City of science and technology of university of state of hill of Yue Lu of active butt joint and university of national defence science and technology, sign cooperative agreement with the college such as university of medicine of Hunan traditional Chinese medical science, Hunan agriculture college,

Obtain science and technology of the province that approve a country newly first half of the year to plan a project 57, industry of new and high technology increases a value to add fast house to be saved completely the 1st,

The 5G that finish base the station builds 1405, in build 835; New introduce talent of innovation of science and technology 194 people.

○ garden division upgrades to be accelerated continuously

Make project of garden area “135” upgrade edition, roll out garden area in the round mu all benefit evaluates firewood of reform, performance integratedly to propose a toast area of reform, garden builds the job such as operation mode innovation.

Build standardization factory building 730 thousand square metre, garden area saves integrated rank to rank front row completely.

3, battle of 3 large assault fortified positions has new combat success again

Last with the condition of assault fortified positions exert oneself to do sth, essence sends force definitely, span demand perfection of col, Wu is gotten the better of.

○ takes off deficient achievement to consolidate continuously

Begin “ to look round in the round ” , the problem that feel a platoon realizes ” of “ dynamic to clear; Begin send post message to door, the member that send Wu worker goes to a factory to wait for “ 5 send ” action and consumption to help deficient spot butt joint, direct seeding up to head the activity such as goods, help obtain employment of sixty-three thousand six hundred poor able-bodied person, sale farming by-product 280 million yuan.

Quality of ○ zoology environment is improved ceaselessly

Obtain judge ” of city of model of green hill of “ China green water; Good day counts urban air quality first half of the year relatively on year the corresponding period increases 13 days, style water quality obtains main surface water II kind standard, source water quality amounts to drinking water of prefectural class above mark is led 100% .

○ weighs fresh gale danger to be dissolved effectively

Fulfil “151” job mechanism in the round, classification advances platform company to commercialize transition; Aggrandizement finance is superintended, severe blow collects money illegally wait for illegal banking activity.

4, deepened reform to release development bonus in the round

Outstanding system is compositive, cooperate with efficient, roll out 9 big fields in the round 88 reform task.

○ pushs a country as a whole new-style town turns integrated and pilot, country two model social construction is completely reform of integrated form a complete set, homebred teach the job such as confluence demonstrative city.

○ drives “ continuously a thing does ” to prefectural countryside outspread extend, take the lead in realizing APP to carry “ in complete province a thing does ” , environment of business of Chinese city battalion 100 strong a list of names posted up row the 64th.

○ advances finance to support civilian battalion and service of banking of small small company continuously integrated reform is pilot; Finish strategy of look forward to of city vassal state basically to recombine.

○ country “ 3 change pace of disease of ” reform hoof is steady, the rural property right of ” of 4 class service spreads village of town of “ city county construction of system of pass on easy market is advanced steadily.

○ starts society of countrywide city land with certain boundaries to administer city of modern pilot qualification to found in the round, sweet wine hill city “ walks along society of innovation of selected whole nation of ” of the mass line on good net to administer 10 grand ceremony case.

5, area is coordinated as a whole promoted urban and rural double upgrade

In order to build urban and rural develop happy area to be a target as a whole, optimize distribution ceaselessly, extend a space, compose builds urban and rural and benign interactive structure.

○ drives city of be in harmony to develop energetically

One river of “ one annulus system of integrated and stereo traffic obtains one net ” significant progress, “ 3 do project of two course ” to be advanced quickly, cloud dragon highway is changed quickly transform project individual plant continent paragraph be about to complete be open to traffic, c of boreal annulus road paragraph D paragraph accelerate construction, phonolite square be about to all fronts building, the outer circulation inside traffic of pool of long individual plant is more expedite.

Changsha one in hopeful of school of experiment of individual plant continent autumn terms begins this year, school of experiment of elegant ceremony of individual plant continent prepares the job to be advanced in order.

○ accelerates town to lift qualitative enlarge look

Individual plant sweets wine city circle accelerates construction, halt use 5 years sweet wine tea railroad resumes operation; Transform old old village 9268, shanty town 2149; Project of new go into operation of operation of establishment form a complete set 33, complete 6.

○ is solid advance countryside to revitalize

Drive energetically with the brand strong farming for the “ of the key 6 big strong Agriculture Banks move ” , whole town adds new-style agriculture newly to manage principal part 458, grow 32.2% . Agricultural total production value grows 2.4% , add fast house to be saved completely the first.

The person resides an environment to be improved continuously, “ 4 treat change ” job development to advance, rural life rubbish administers the job to be recommended in complete province, new found demonstrative village of provincial and beautiful country 8.

6, job of propagandist thought culture was condensed energy

Insist to defend innovating, raise flag energetically, get together new personality of common feelings of people, Yo, promote culture, extend form.

○ is done solid do theory of vivid new idea to publicize

Advance college of “ whole town to review continuously, office takes advanced ” activity, begin “ new idea to explain to public into the theme such as basic level ” more than 20 thousand, study powerful nation learns to rank complete province front row with the circumstance.

○ advances the public opinion that fights epidemic disease and development to guide as a whole

Exert oneself does good “ two plan as a whole ” conduct propaganda, the organization creates many 2600 literary work that fight epidemic disease, warm popular feeling.

○ innovation abounds connotation of article brigade activity

450 thousand middle and primary school is unripe the way that plays “ to go gules, do the gules ” that send a person to grind learn viatic activity, cadre of many 100 thousand Party member teachs base to develop activity of branch party day to patriotism, travel of gules scene area recieves a number to grow 12% compared to the same period.

○ deepens civilization to found the job continuously

Countrywide civilized town checks evaluation gets sufficient affirmation, “ begins 3 actions to tell patriotic sanitation to close to civilization founds ” experience to be done to recommend by central civilization.

83 team member obtain medical team of another name for Hubei province of aid of individual plant continent judge ” of “ Hunan good person, 7 families are obtained judge the whole nation to save “ to fight epidemic disease ” completely the most beautiful family, build new era culture to carry out a center 8, civilized practice place (station) 1162.

7, democracy construction gathered together powerful resultant force

Advance socialistic democracy system to change continuously, standardization, program is changed, consolidate and develop the political situation of lively, stable solidarity.

The job of National People’s Congress of ○ party was revealed new as

Solid begin a city to raise canine government legislation, advance comprehensive well-off, village lawfully management of plan and construction, dissolve budget of debt risk, finance to wait execute the law examination and special subject survey; Establish fact of room and farmland protection, the people’s livelihood with villager of ” of law “ convoy ticket of delegate of thing project National People’s Congress is made definitely wait for the job to get saving standing committee of National People’s Congress to affirm adequately.

The job of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference of ○ party presented new atmosphere

Around “ city of work out of 945 ” program, park is built, foster development highway of 4 good ” builds “ of nightly economy, country etc begin assist consultative politics; Wait around construction of system of contaminative prevention and cure, public wholesome service begin democracy to supervise; Around region of border area of Hunan another name for Jiangxi Province collaboration sets an example area, countryside is revitalized etc begin special subject survey.

All battle job of ○ party gathered together new kinetic energy

Begin 10 thousand look forward to of “ actively to be visited greatly, ” of homocentric hurried development serves activity of civilian look forward to, “ and party homocentric, knowledge dedicates oneself to the service of his motherland ” unites outside the party intellectual brand is founded and ” of homocentric and beautiful country founds “ , hand in hand homocentric devote into a gleam of of ” of battle “ epidemic disease.

○ national defence and military construction ties went new great achievements

Found the whole nation double embrace paradigmatic city “ 7 Lian Guan ” already were checked and accept through the province, day the ministry obtains yuan of area person connecting with the boxing skill judge horse and foot 10 big normalization build advanced unit.

The job showed group of groups of ○ party new features.

Labour green Fu and division assist, advantages of group of oneself of round organization play such as company division couplet, prevent in epidemic situation accuse, answer of go back to work is produced in showed new take on new as.

8, the real problem that large quantities of one masses are deeply concerned gets settlement

Implement project of 100” of “ the people’s livelihood energetically, pay close attention to the weak force group that suffers epidemic situation effect more, knit prison knit close the people’s livelihood to ensure a net.

○ reduces steady obtain employment of negative firm hillock energetically

Come on stage answer steady obtain employment of epidemic situation “ 17 ” , hit a “ to decrease, avoid, return, policy of firm hillock of look forward to of filling ” aid combines a fist.

Main side helps the key group obtain employment such as family of worker worker of college graduate, peasant, 0 obtain employment and poor able-bodied person up, the dot is received to the dot send peasant worker worker to return hillock 4861 people, family of 0 obtain employment maintains 100% dynamic to clear.

○ advances education high grade and balanced development

Build change extend country miniature school and villages and towns lodge make 197 schools, obligation teachs standardization rate to achieve 84% , forehead of the top class in a kindergarten is eliminated basically; Normative obligation teachs recruit students, let every child can enter a school of nearby at somebody’s convenience.

○ advances health in the round construction of individual plant continent

Execute class of city of insurance of primary medical treatment, birth insurance to plan as a whole in the round, material of cost of the drug that start takes a quantity to purchase innovation centrally pilot, build system of couplet of much mode cure, rate of prefectural region be in hospital seeing a doctor exceeds 92% , public hospital be in hospital second all charge drops 9.9% .

○ strengthens safeguard of social reveal all the details

Social security raises qualitative enlarge scale, the standard such as two allowance ” raises “ of lowermost life safeguard, disabled again; Push reform of funeral and interment, charge whole reduces 30% above.

○ deepens “ restful individual plant continent ” construction

Put together treats central standardization construction to realize each other of 4 class interconnection to connect, criminal case drops 15.7% ; Begin sweep black except evil “ 6 clear ” 100 days of assault fortified positions, new destroy evil crime of experience black experience to organize 4, crack a criminal case 122.

9, self-restraint wind Qing Dynasty is enraged political modes of life and relation to their environment

With politics construction is gotten for all, nod in order to fight the construction of party of epidemic disease a gleam of to be cut, drive develop to depth from Yan Zhi party in the round.

○ strengthens cadre team to build

Pay attention to prevent in epidemic situation accuse foremost edge, economy to develop the forefront, assault fortified positions that take off deficient to stand for war make an on-the-spot investigation identify a cadre, ” of “ front line recruits a Party member 106.

○ strengthens basic level leading Party group to knit construction

Continue to carry out “ to organize force to promote a project ” , build village Party branch 341, rectify leading Party group of weak slack basic level to knit 97, “ of basic level Party branch 5 change ” to build the rate that amount to mark to achieve 90% .

○ strengthens party conduct Lianzheng to build

Squeezing ramming “ two responsibility ” , ask duty walk on duty 12 people of cadre of not do one’s best; Perserve wind respectful discipline, punish corrupt put on record 405, punish 230 people, processing formalism bureaucratism and disobey “ 74 people of cadre of spirit of 8 regulations ” .

Produce effect of sword of benefit of examine of make one’s rounds, examine of two class make one’s rounds covers city county rate it is respectively 83.3% , 72.9% .