Chen Zhengming of reporter of daily of individual plant continent

On July 30, yang Weiguo of vice secretary of municipal Party committee, mayor heads for article of video of hill of Changsha horse column to achieve industrial garden to make an on-the-spot investigation all right. He emphasizes, want study to draw lessons from advanced experience, deepen reform innovation, accelerate promote development of culture industry high quality, the culture of high quality, diversification, individuation consumes better contented people demand.

Nie Fanggong of head of a department of members of standing committee of municipal Party committee, propaganda attends make an on-the-spot investigation.

Article of video of equestrian column hill starts industrial garden is with digital video originality is bibcock, wait with research and development of service of digital video banking, copyright service, software to raise

The division of video industry assemble that maintain. Current, this industry garden already assemble love is strange art, the article of many 2000 video such as science and technology of jumpy, quick worker achieves byte enterprise, strive to form “ north to have ZhongGuanCun, south the industry of ” of hill of column having a horse leads pattern, make have V of international competition ability, China’s best China of video base “ cereal ” .

In garden area the program that enrol business shows a house, in relief Wei Guoyi understands industrial garden in detail all right plan and construction, policy gives aid to, project layout, enterprise is introduced wait for respect circumstance, to garden area development achievement expresses admiration. Walk into achieve ” of hill of the column on cloud of Zhi Yuan “ , yang Weiguo views concerned video work, industry of setting of system of the cooperative mode that inquiry understanding exceeds high-definition video to share platform of the cloud that make, technology, 5G application and enterprise hatch, video develops trend case. He exhorts follow a relevant branch chief, want to digest the good experience that absorbs article of video of equestrian column hill to start industrial garden, good way seriously, aggrandizement reforms innovation, accelerate drive media confluence and article to start industrial development.

Study makes an on-the-spot investigation in, yang Weiguo points out, want study to draw lessons from the article such as equestrian column hill to achieve industrial garden to be introduced in confluence of plan and construction, industry, talent, achievement of science and technology changes the experience way that waits for a respect, develop the property such as travel of culture originality design, culture energetically, breed condition of new-style culture industry and consumptive pattern actively, accelerate promote development of culture industry high quality. Want to dig phlogistic emperor culture, gules culture, industry culture to wait for culture resource deep, develop excellent article to achieve with travel product, exert oneself promotes a brand competition ability. Should seize the development opportunity of the new technology such as Qing Dynasty of 5G, freeboard closely, drive culture industry and confluence of digital economy deepness, voice of innovation of stimulative industry structure, chain innovation, industry blazes new trails.