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The net is banyan, alarm seem bright mirror station; Measure is accomplished, where offends dust.

Develop state statistic report according to Chinese Internet, up to in December 2019, amount of our country website achieves 4.97 million, APP amount is 3.67 million. According to statistic, this year first half of the year, our country churchyard is distorted website amount increase sharply, it is about churchyard was distorted first half of the year 2019 4.4 times of website amount. In many when happen first half of the year gross data divulges incident in, have two cases divulge information content with 100 million plan. Face grim network security situation, departmental door perfects relevant law laws and regulations ceaselessly, publish level of network security policy quickly, aggrandizement data security and individual information are protected.

Meanwhile, the our city begins special operation of 2020” of “ only network, strengthen network order to clear rectify, guilty chaos breaks the law to resemble on comprehensive punish net. Case of administration of safety of conduction network of whole this year town 45. Among them case of catenary of condition of network black generation 10, record of harm network safety 7, network operation person case of Wu of nonperformance law definition 18, transmission violates information case 10.

So, why must the enterprise fulfill network safety protection and information safety to superintend obligation seriously, what can nonperformance bring serious consequence, cause what loss, how does legal laws and regulations set related our country to this again?

(the following picture all originates network, if tort asks connection to delete)

Network safety is protected

Network operation person why to have assume obligation?

“ our country advocates on network policy who receives ‘ , is in charge of ’ , ‘ whose operation, who is in charge of ’ , network operation person economic income was gotten in the course that offers network service and product, ought to have the corresponding safety that prevents harm happening to protect obligation so. Net of ” city public security bureau installs detachment relevant controller introduces.

Network operation person the crucial node that regards a network as the society, mastering the link bridge of user and network, network operation person the information that behavior is affecting an user greatly is safe, can affect the safe position of whole network society even.

Gain ground more and more in the network, issue of global network safety is increasingly complex and below severe case, the safe consciousness of the person that promote a network operation, the compulsory responsibility of the person that make clear network operation, it is the inevitable requirement that realizes national security and social stability.

Network operation person

What network safety protects obligation?

Basis ” network safety law ” provision of relevant law provision, the person that regard a network as operation, ought to bring the demand of full grade protection according to the network, fulfill safety to protect obligation, safeguard network is avoided suffer interference, destroy or the visit without accredit, prevent a network data is divulged or by filch, distort.

If make internal security manage system and operating rules, decide network security chief, fulfil network safety to protect responsibility; Adopt be on guard computer virus and network attack, network invades the technical measure that waits for action of harm network safety; Adopt monitor, the technical measure that records a network to run event of safety of condition, network, and according to the network log related formulary keep 6 not less than months; Adopt data to classification, important data backs up and add the other obligation that waits for regulation of measure and law, administrative regulations closely to wait.

Do not assume network safety to protect obligation

What consequence may cause?

The website distorts by hacker attack. This year in January, day the school did not adopt yuan of Ou Mou to be on guard in the round computer virus and network attack, network invades the technical measure that waits for action of harm network safety, the official website that brings about the school is distorted, embedded pornography dark catenary.

User information and important data are divulged easily. This year in May, execute the law flaw of safety of existence of server of system of management of business of hospital of Ou Mou of peak of personnel discovery stone, the full data of this system is deposited inside server of system of hospital interior management, the server was not adopted be on guard computer virus and network attack, without classification, important to data data backup is reached adopt impose close measure.

Influence security of society. This year in May, do sth without authorization of administrator of network of some Internet bar stops tea hill county measure of executive management technique, privately adds outfit dual system, the status with legal steer clear of confirms the name makes a system, cause a netizen not to need to brush his real id card can get online.

Form a harm to safety of our country network and national security. According to the report, company of some network science and technology is provider of home’s principal product of email system safety, this company stores the sensitive information such as capacity of staff of canal of the situation of numerous client, net in the company inside in network server, equipment system is outmoded related this company, safe flaw is much, safe and confidential system implements lax standard, company staff is violated compasses the passageway is built between outer net inside. Office working personnel discovers national security, since 2014, the core application server of this company is thed external world by 3 family circumstances espionage information office carried out network attack for many times early or late, filch a large number of sensitive data data, form a harm to safety of our country network and national security. After this case happens, this company is instructed close down is rectified and reform, be in by industry director branch in order to fine.

[relevant link] law notting comply fulfills obligation to want to bear what kind of law responsibility


Basis ” network safety law ” fiftieth 9 regulations: Network operation person nonperformance network safety protects obligation, by concerned director the branch is instructed correct, give a warning; Refus is not corrected or bring about those who endanger the consequence such as network safety, be in 10 thousand yuan of above 100 thousand yuan of the following amerce, to the director that is in charge of directly personnel is in 5000 yuan of above 50 thousand yuan of the following amerce.