Li Jun of reporter of daily of individual plant continent’s reporter / Peng Lina

On July 30 morning at 11 o’clock, sweet wine Jia Shucun of hill Jia Shuzhen, ling Qinglian of 69 years old prepares to make lunch.

The fine tree of a few inside and outside presses down works of China approach porcelain, ling Qinglian suffers from the son of deformity, Ling Yunshi of 46 years old to going to work then. Midday, ling Yunshi comes home by motorcycle have a meal, there is the ability that get card on the car the new a form of address for one’s wife of two months.

Once, ling Qinglian and son live in devious village, not much economic origin, giving a son to seek son’s wife is extravagant hopes. 2016, her home enjoyed easy ground to help deficient up to remove wait for deficient policy, the happy life that live and work in peace and contentment became reality gradually.

Move from devious village

Ling Qinglian present home draws near Jia Shuzhen, the sweet-scented osmanthus before the door cultivates luxuriantly green of branches and leaves. Annual the autumn, can smell full-bodied scent.

Though the house is bought then from others, but not old, neat and capacious, the establishment such as water, report, closet is all ready.

The earthy brick house that Ling Qinglian stays in before, be located in in in the channel of a gully of the village. “ position can slant, the wall of the house cracked cut, next wet are slack. ” refer goes, fine of Ling Qinglian deep feeling is much. The side of Jia Shuzhen government helps cadre Yuan Lu up to remember, the head goes to Home Ling Qinglian, within an inch of is circled dizzy.

Ling Qinglian suffers from the chronic such as hypertension, require hospitalization sometimes, can plant only order dishes, do bit of relaxed farm work. Old before, ling Qinglian and husband divorce. Ling Yunshi basically relies on to hit chore to earn bit of income in the home, the day gets have too many problems to deal with too.

December 2013, home Ling Qinglian is brought into to build archives to establish calorie of poverty door, the band that enjoys the respect such as medical treatment supports policy. Yuan Lu says, ling Qinglian proper pride is strong, in the home again difficult, what think above all is the both hands that relies on his. 2016, home Ling Qinglian is brought into remove easily door, moved present home. Second year second half of the year, the cadre that press down a village runs with all possible means, helped Ling Yunshi find the job in works of China approach porcelain.

Near the company goes to work

Move hill check, was to trade place of a house not only, was to change a kind of way of life more.

Nowadays, the line of horse of mainstay line fetters that Ling Qinglian’s home is next to a town to go up, go the villager is integrated service center and recent supermarket, also need the left and right sides 10 minutes only on foot. Ling Yunshi became the “ worker ” on the town, every month has 2000 yuan of right-and-left income. Last year, ling Qinglian succeeds deficient “ picks cap ” .

More those who make Ling Qinglian glad is, the bridge is built to fall in each pull wires, ling Yunshi of many years old 40 still found a target in the factory last year. By May, two people bought a marriage certificate.

Since daughter-in-law occupy come, a 3 time passes already simple happy. Every morning 7 when, son Ling Yunshi can get up cook breakfast, had eaten breakfast, riding motor to carrying a daughter-in-law to go to work. Son daughter-in-law lunch, dinner comes home eat. Ling Qinglian is in charge of buying dish to cook, do some of chore. “ but relaxed. &

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