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Municipal Party committee 12 12 second plenary meeting make comprehensive deploy with respect to job of second half of the year. Carry out implement spirit of plenary meeting of municipal Party committee, everybody thinks consistently, what complex and changeful situation affects is rhythm is not a trend, stability turns what good posture shows is a foundation it is confidence more. Must sturdy confidence, true grab get right on the job, do good “ with all one’s strength job of 6 firm ” , comprehensive fulfil “ 6 keep ” job, finish annual economy society to expand target job hard.

Thinking of aggrandizement bottom line

Live firmly economy is basic dish

Face unprecedented challenge, must estimate difficult, risk and uncertainty adequately, thinking of aggrandizement bottom line, live firmly economy is basic dish.

Development is the foundation that solves all problems and key. The determinism that “ works with us is answered effectively external uncertainty, do good ‘ with all one’s strength 6 firm ’ work, fulfil ‘ in the round 6 keep ’ job. Party of ” new and high area is versed in appoint secretary, day yuan area appoint clerical Zhou Jianguang says, will cogent catch good capital attraction and project be born, “ to often cultivate ” of hair new bud and “ Xin Miaocheng to cultivate investment of ” , government and civilian investment, increment to extend greatly with put measure dish of work, promote development of economic society high quality.

“ finance department walks on duty actively certainly, take on to be, with ‘ 6 reach the designated position the act of deal with concrete matters relating to work of ’ provides solid finance safeguard for economic society progress. Li Nengbin of director of ” city Bureau of Finance says. Specific for, breed market main body namely, should decrease decrease reach the designated position, strengthen tax cost to ask for a canal, should close receive, insist to practice strict economy, of this pressing overwhelm, establish bottom line thinking, should protect protect reach the designated position, grab seize policy opportunity, should contend for contend for reach the designated position, aggrandizement responsibility takes on, the canal of this canal reachs the designated position.

“ insists to advance steadily total fundamental key, in order to protect hurried firm, with certain strain, advance steadily, the look for an opportunity in danger. Jiang Xiaozhong of secretary of county Party committee of ” tea hill expresses, do not waver in the least cinch project construction, rely on the dominant industry such as electronic information to offer post of more obtain employment; Pay attention to more advance urban and rural development, change with new-style town drive investment and consumptive demand; Do real thing of good the people’s livelihood hammer and tongs, accelerate Bu Qimin to give birth to safeguard weak point board, consolidate promotion masses obtains safety of feeling happiness feeling to feel ceaselessly.

Chen Yanjuan of director of bureau of city agriculture country expresses, catch good grain production and hog production laxly none, finish 3.35 million mus of commissariat to produce the job in the round, strive live pig gives column this year 3 million above. In the meantime, catch person of reform of country of development of nice country estate, agriculture, country to live the work such as environmental punish with all one’s strength, effort is honest change now new bureau leaves in the bureau, show in new bureau new as.

Hold to people consummate

Cogent safeguard and improvement the people’s livelihood

The more difficult period, should hold to people more consummate, live and work in peace and contentment people, safety changes in temperature is put on the heart, cogent safeguard and improvement the people’s livelihood.

Yi Xiangdong of director of citizen political situation expresses, civil administration branch protects focusing “ ” of basic the people’s livelihood, implementation “ 6 should 6 use up ” . Should protect protect, raise life of lowest of the city zone to ensure a level namely, come true should protect protect; Should wrap up bag, implementation reveal all the details ensures object “ to clear of problem of 3 safeguard ” ; In the meantime, should ensure should save save, should raise raise, should help a side.

Obtain employment is the biggest the people’s livelihood. Stone peak area appoint clerical Zhang Jianyong expresses, maintain steady obtain employment of market main body on one hand, begin essence of life to help the obtain employment that help hurried up definitely on the other hand. Rely on Shi Feng obtain employment to serve platform “ to clean out function of ” of map of obtain employment of ”“ of work commercial and transportation center to begin classified essence to allow a side to help up, undertake classified building archives to the 13 thousand person that already registered, ensure unemployed personnel again obtain employment 2200 people, increase town obtain employment newly 4800 people.

“ more the comprehensive well-off of high quality, difficult group also cannot fall. &rdqu

O; day yuan Ou Lei hits Lv Junhui of vice secretary of Shi Zhen Party committee, alcalde to express, will be opposite continuously poverty door housing, water of the problem such as safety solve fulfil guard a pass strictly, continuously follow-up, put an end to return deficient.

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Municipal Party committee 12 12 times the plenary session is held