10 thousand amount to square effect graph

Li Yifeng of reporter of daily of individual plant continent’s reporter / Wen Shijin He Yong Huang Cheng quick

On August 4, individual plant continent 10 thousand amount to the in full swing on square project building site, many plot at the same time construction, main body structure already build by laying bricks or stones builds 34. This project in March start working of the first ten days of a month is built, total investment makes an appointment with 5 billion yuan, predicting next year is finishing in December practice, will make the commercial synthesis with whole town and even complete top-ranking province.

Come this year, classics of individual plant continent opens skill of area, cloud dragon demonstrative area to catch epidemic situation to prevent accuse, catch economic society progress single-handed, industrial project construction is advanced quickly, main economic norms grows steadily. First half of the year, this area realizes public finance budgetary receipts 740 million yuan, grow 0.81% compared to the same period, amplitude ranks whole town the first; Implementation place income 535 million yuan, grow 3.48% compared to the same period, amplitude ranks whole town the 2nd; Implementation dimensions industry raises a cost 333 million yuan, grow 8.5% compared to the same period, amplitude ranks 5 regions the first, whole town the 2nd.

Cloud dragon highway (individual plant of road of hole individual plant continent outspread paragraph) change quickly transform bridge of road of project sea of clouds (on cross) node

Division of estate of new city of cloud dragon industry

The project builds in full swing. Building of center of data of first phase of project of garden of industry of Hunan data lake, Chai Falou already sealed a top, interior is decorated near end; D of boreal annulus highway paragraph (Yun Long highway – the highway that welcome guest) construction of masterstroke trestle substructure is finished entirely, will at be open to traffic building by September; Cloud dragon highway (individual plant of road of hole individual plant continent outspread paragraph) change quickly transform project of project main body finishing, by September complete be open to traffic; Construction of school of experiment of continent cloud dragon enters long county individual plant round off phase, autumn terms begins use investment; Industrial new city the service center is clutching construction, be about to open house operation.

Capital attraction positive result is satisfactory. This year, this area includes project of city “ industry to build year of ” activity priority discipline in all 49, annual plan completes investment 8.5 billion yuan. Already completed investment first half of the year 4.59 billion yuan, project of new go into operation 10. Garden of production industry of breath technology and intelligence opens the Hua Shengxin that invests 5.2 billion yuan build, dragon industry new city already introduced the cloud to be stationed in a project 15, implementation start working builds 9, put into production 5. Introduce successfully restful praedial, 10 thousand amount to group, new the 500 strong companies such as China couplet group, the autograph introduces industry of cloud dragon big health, Ling Yunzhi to take the item such as countrywide operation center about 5. Establish dimensions 300 million yuan big data and artificial intelligence industry are special fund, enrol business through fund, the autograph introduces astral Chinese about number wisdom science and technology, wisdom 6 big data such as spatio-temporal science and technology use a company.

Battalion business environment is optimized ceaselessly. This area comes on stage ” supportive industry economy develops 10 policy ” etc, found from the brand, intelligence is made, innovation of science and technology, reduce cost, appear on the market 10 respects such as financing, give aid to the enterprise is done do greatly strong. Implement the policy such as taxation privilege in the round

, already reduced a burden to exceed 88 million yuan for the enterprise. Carry out “ project to advance in the round only the class makes ”“ project examine and approve do sth for sb make ”“ take synchronism of ground start working to make clear faze of ”“ construction environment make ” , advance industrial project construction quickly. Establish major to do sth for sb team, to city, area priority discipline, offer whole journey free to do sth for sb service. First half of the year, accept of all kinds examine and approve service item 2900, in a limited time rate doing a form, spot does knot rate to all be 100% .